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We build EPIC Families.

We provide struggling children and families the tools needed to thrive through their challenges.
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Thriving children

Dedicated mentors

Connected schools

Parents advised

People think: “Some kids will inevitably fall through the cracks”

We wouldn’t say it.
Can we let it happen?

When a child…


Faces academic, social, or emotional challenges


Experiences the trauma of their parents’ divorce, illness or death


Makes Aliya and feels lost in a strange, confusing culture


Is wandering the streets or hanging out with the wrong crowd

They need more than a concerned parent to help them pull through

They need:

A compassionate mentor
to give them one-on-one attention

A role model
to encourage and inspire them

A non-judgmental adult
to look up to and confide in

And parents need more than a mentor to help them build strong families.

They need:

A professional team
to encourage and empower them

An address
to turn to for personal direction

A resource
for professional guidance and support

Mentorship + resources =
a brighter future for families

When Children

Have the support they need to overcome their challenges today…

They’re inspired to lead wholesome lives tomorrow.

When Parents

Have the resources they need to help their children…

They’re empowered to raise happy, healthy families.

WE make this happen!

Our full range of family services include:


Mentoring children one-on-one, one to three times per week



Guiding parents via consultations, guidance, and therapy



Helping parents understand which school is best for their families


Aliya guidance

Facilitating an understanding of the Israeli educational systems for a smoother acclimation



Empowering parents by addressing a wide range of educational topics


of Today

Addressing today’s challenges with today’s answers via webinars and live events


Their stories could be every child’s story

Moshe’s Story

No one thought that Moshe would graduate from Yeshiva.

He did.

Now he is koveiah itim, has a family, and runs a successful freelance business.

Shira’s Story

No one thought that Shira would be anything more than a withdrawn shadow.

She is.

Now she’s married, built a beautiful home, and has a fulfilling career.

Yossi’s Story

No one thought that Yossi would receive any title other than “ADHD” or “troubled kid.”

He has.

Now he has the title MSW next to his name, as well as “caring father”, and “devoted community member.”

Real families, real results

I feel like Hashem sent a malach for my son.

“I feel like Hashem sent a malach for my son. He was struggling in so many ways, and the (mentorship) experience was like sugar among bitter herbs for him. My son even said to me, ‘Mommy, one day I want to grow up to be like Chaim’. Every child who makes Aliya should run, run to Epic Families!”

Mrs. Z., Parent

Epic Families was a lifesaver for my son.

“Epic Families was a lifesaver for my son. Every child needs at least one address to go to, one person in their life who they feel comfortable talking to…it can literally make or break the child. “

Mrs. G., Parent

Epic Families saved two of my kids.

“Epic Families saved two of my kids. My daughter was a different person after she met her mentor– It literally keeps her going for two full days after the session. Every child needs a mentor and role model outside of the family, especially in Eretz Yisrael.”

Anonymous Parent

For Epic Families, “No child left behind” is not just a catchphrase

Happy boy

Because every child deserves:


A role model to look up to, an address to turn to, and a safe space to unwind.


A professional team to have his family and school empowered to help him be his best


A chance to lead a healthier, brighter, and more promising future.

WE make this happen!

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