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Are We In The Clear? Understanding The Impact Of Collective Trauma On Children

Dr. Zev Ganz

Director of Kav L’noar/Lamerchav Mental Health Clinic


Unlocking resilience for parents and nurturing conversations with children during crises

Dr. Stacey Leibowitz-Levy, MSW, PhD

Clinical Supervisor, Trauma Unit Coordinator The Family Institute

 & Esther Unger, LCSW-C

Clinical Social Worker, Director Better Horizions Therapy


Clarity Unveiled: Torah’s Perspective on Current Events and Practical Steps Forward

Harav Zev Leff

Rav Moshav Matityahu

Response To The Crisis In Israel

Harav Zev Leff

Rav Moshav Matityahu

Navigating Our Middle School Age Children Through Crisis (9-14 Yrs) – Helping Prevent PTSD

Avigail Gimpel

Best Selling Author “HyperHealing”, Special Educator, ADHD Coach, College Lecturer, and Mother


Discussing the Current Situation With Your Teens and Pre-Teens

Eliav Friedman. MSW

Therapist and Parenting Educator

Parenting Tips During Crisis

Mrs. Shana Pogrow MSW

Director of EPIC Family’s Parental Guidance Center

How can we help our children deal with the current situation

Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum, MSMFT


How to Deal With the Crisis in Israel

Harav Zev Leff

Rav Moshav Matityahu

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Resources for Children

Rav Shraga

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