“Parenting is easy”

said no one ever

Parenting is always a delicate balancing act.

Add Aliya, a recent divorce, or a struggling child to the parenting mix, and it becomes impossible to juggle it all alone.

We serve as a partner, resource, and guide for parents so that no family is ever left groping for answers.

We offer:


The Israeli education system can be daunting to navigate. We’re here to help you choose the best school for your child


Our raison d’être: Answering personal parenting and Aliya-related questions with skill and empathy.


Stuck with a parenting dilemma or a one-time issue? Not understanding your child’s struggle? One meeting can replace confusion with clarity.


If you need more than immediate assistance, we stay on for the long-term, connecting and caring on a weekly basis.

Reach out to a truly epic staff member.

Someone who:


Is available to guide families through the decision and application process, whether they are making Aliyah or looking for a change.

Takes time to understand the lifestyle, needs, cultural differences, and educational preferences of each family.

Understands the nuances and subtle differences among schools in different communities.

Works closely, communicates, and follows up with families and schools from the initial phone call until families are comfortably settled.

Parenting is never easy.

But with a trusted resource, parents have the tools they need to raise healthy families – and future generations.