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October 7th changed the lives of Jews around the world. Here in Israel, while our brave men and women ran to protect our nation, EPIC Family stood by their families. We supported their spouses in times of need, provided essential supplies to soldiers, and comforted the families of those who did not return. As the war rages on and evolves, so does our work, adapting to the needs of our people. Some of our efforts were initiated at the outset, while others remain necessary and ongoing.

  • Therapy and Emotional Support: Over 500,000 soldiers have been drafted. Our social workers and therapists have conducted countless sessions for mothers, wives, and children of soldiers, offering emotional support and helping them adjust to this new reality.
  • Emotional Crisis Center (ECC): We enlisted over 50 therapists, psychologists, and mental health workers as volunteers to provide emotional first aid to those displaced, with injured family members, or those rushed to the reserves. We provided resources to parents, equipping them with the tools needed to handle this traumatic period. Additionally, we arranged workshops and webinars on pertinent topics. There are still 135,000 refugees in Israel.
  • Helping Displaced Families: We assisted many displaced families in enrolling in local schools and provided mentoring and emotional support for both parents and children. When we took a group of boys into the woods for an Outdoor Leadership Training, the fathers mentioned that it was the first time they had seen their kids smile since the beginning of the war.
  • Home Visits: We visited soldiers’ families to assist with basic needs, from grocery shopping to creating care packages and helping with their menorahs on Hanukkah.
  • Bringing Joy: EPIC Family also visited families of fallen soldiers shortly before the holidays, bringing gifts and emotional support to their wives and children. We offer all of our services for free and, whenever possible, help them receive financial support.
  • Weekly Food on the Border: Once a week, an EPIC representative traveled to the border and beyond to deliver hot food, warm clothing, and emotional support to soldiers on the front lines. Often, these visits were to areas where others could not go, ensuring these soldiers did not feel lost or forgotten.
  • Entertainment for Displaced Children: We brought a magician to hotels and areas where displaced children were staying, providing an outlet for traumatized children and helping them find moments of joy and relief.
  • Respite Hotel: Many soldiers are quickly sent from the front lines back to their homes without a break. EPIC Family partnered with a hotel in Tel Aviv and an IDF doctor to establish a respite option, allowing soldiers to decompress before returning home.

 These are just some of the ways EPIC Family has supported our troops and the next generation of the Jewish people during this difficult time. If you would like to support them as well, click here to see what opportunities are available.

Our Aid to the soldiers

Dizengoff 208

Dizengoff 208

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