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Featured Topics

Principles of Parenting • Putting the Oneg Back into Shabbos • Empowering Your Child to Date Successfully • Relating to your adult child that chose a different path • Strengthening your relationship with your children • Helping your child shine through the competition • and much more!

As fathers and mothers,

hundreds of parenting opportunities come before us each day

“Ta, I’m running low on cash (again).”

“Ima, can you sign my Parsha sheet?”

“But everyone in camp is gonna have this!”

“Dad, my Menahel asked that you call him.”

Are we maximizing our critical parenting moments?

Invites you to join us for an unforgettable event!

Insights from leading educational authorities.

With short messages relevant for every stage of parenting – choose the messages that talk to you most.

Real, actionable takeaways for immediate implementation.

This is a no-fluff parenting summit created to give parents workable tools for effective parenting.

Practical answers to your most pressing parenting questions.

Your chance to submit a parenting question to be answered at the event.


Harav Zev Leff

HaRav Noach Isaac Oelbaum

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Dr. David Lieberman

Rabbi Dovid Kaplan

Rabbi Yaacov Goodman

Including a special livestream with R’ Zev Leff, R’ Paysach Krohn and R’ Yaacov Goodman.

more presenters
Also Featuring R’ Yitzchak Breitowitz • R’ Akiva Tatz • R’ Ron Yitzchok Eisenman • R’ YT Glaser • R’ Shimon Russell • R’ Zecharya Greenwald • Dr. Jacob Freedman • R’ Yaron Weisberg • R’ Yisroel Majeski • R’ Zev Cohen • R’ Avrohom Stulberger • and more!

special for women Rebbetzin Slovie Jungreis • Rebbetzin Dina Schoonmaker • Dr. Debbie Akerman • and more!

Parents, it’s all about you! Save your spot.

A time to pause, examine and inspire our parenting moments together.

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Our Participants Relate:

“The EPIC Parenting Symposium was just what I needed to bring me out of my nonchalant attitude! Thanks for the wake-up call.”
C.S. Canada

“Thank you for your wonderful EPIC Parenting program! It has brought us a new appreciation for davening for the success of our children! I hope that this momentum will last me until your next program!”
R.R. New york

Both the on-demand classes, as well as the live stream, will be available starting Sunday morning. The live stream will be every hour on the hour for 24 hours in all time zones, beginning at 11 am EDT.

Hear from leading educational authorities as they
answer parenting questions submitted by you!

This is Your Chance…

To submit your most pressing parenting question and have it answered at the event.

Please be aware that due to the number of questions we are receiving, not all questions will be answered at the event. Any question that was not covered in the sessions will be”H be answered after the event.

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