Chinuch of Today Weekends

Sep 5, 2022 | EPIC News

With the world returning to a new normal, EPIC Families was able to bring its Epic Shabbos of Empowerment and Inspiration for parents back to the States. We held three Shabbosim this past winter. We returned to Los Angeles for the fourth time, including last year’s virtual program. We also went to the 5 Towns and Chicago where both were being planned before Covid hit and was put on the back burner.

Once again we received tremendous responses in all these cities. With our all-star team of rabbis and educators from Israel and America, we were able to empower and inspire thousands of participants by dealing with today’s issues and challenges with today’s answers.

The warm reception that we received by both the community leaders and members (Yes, even in Chicago, with 8 inches of snow!) was worth all the effort. The programs were attended by thousands over the weekends which were hosted by dozens of shuls and schools. The rabbis and educators discussed very crucial and even sensitive issues for raising children in today’s world.

Our Chinuch Think Tanks were once again highlights of the weekends. The Q&A dealt with a wide variety of questions that were submitted beforehand from people in the community. The hundreds of participants left the evening empowered and inspired, just like EPIC Families aims to do!