How a Mentor Changed the Life of a 9-Year-Old Girl

Sep 18, 2023 | EPIC News, EPIC Stories

Sad girl silhouette

By Malka Labell – Director of Girls Mentoring Program

In a world that can often feel overwhelming, the power of a mentor can be life-changing. This is the story of Esther, a resilient 9-year-old girl who lives with her single mother, Chava, and her younger sister. Esther has faced many challenges in her life, growing up in a home full of tension and being raised single-handedly by an overwhelmed mother. But her story is also one of hope, transformation, and the invaluable impact of mentorship.

Esther’s life has been far from easy. Growing up in a household filled with tension and personal difficulties, simple tasks like grocery shopping, paying bills, or even preparing a meal became overwhelming challenges for her mother. Esther, a bright and curious child, yearned for stability and support, but her mother’s struggles left her feeling lost and isolated.

Recognizing the need for positive intervention, Esther’s school connected her mother with EPIC Family. In turn, EPIC Family arranged for a suitable mentor to start meeting with Esther. The dedicated mentor was up to the task. She understood that by receiving guidance from her case manager, a social worker, together with her own dedication and care, Esther could overcome the odds stacked against her.

As Esther and her mentor began to forge a relationship, things began to change. The mentor provided a sense of structure and stability that had been missing in Esther’s life for far too long. More importantly, she provided a safe space for Esther to express her feelings and concerns. Through open communication and a listening ear, the mentor helped Esther process her emotions, teaching her valuable coping mechanisms.

One of the most significant transformations occurred at school, where Esther, for the first time, had the confidence to participate in class discussions and start forming friendships. This newfound confidence allowed her to start feeling a sense of accomplishment despite the challenges she faced at home.

While EPIC’s primary focus was on Esther, they recognized the vital role that Chava played in her daughter’s life. Through gentle guidance, EPIC encouraged Chava to seek the help she needed to address her personal difficulties, further enhancing the stability in Esther’s life.

Esther’s story is one of many examples of the impact a mentor can have in a child’s life, helping build resilience in the face of adversity. It showcases the power of support, understanding, and guidance, not only in the life of the child but also in the life of their caregiver. Esther’s journey reminds us that with the right mentorship and intervention, even in the most challenging circumstances, there is hope for a brighter future.

In a world filled with uncertainty and difficulties, Esther’s story is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship, providing a ray of hope for those who may be facing their own struggles. Through the support of organizations like EPIC and the dedication of mentors, we can help children like Esther overcome adversity, discover their inner strength, and pave the way for a brighter and more resilient future.