Crisis Center EPIC FamilyEPIC Family Emotional Crisis Center: Providing Support and Stability During Times of Turmoil


In the aftermath of the October 7th massacre and subsequent war, the urgent need for immediate support became increasingly evident. In response, EPIC Family took decisive action, swiftly mobilizing to provide unwavering emotional support to individuals and families grappling with the uncertainty and trauma brought about by the conflict. Thus, the EPIC Family Emotional Crisis Center was established. Under the dedicated leadership of our in-house social worker, Tali Gewirtz, and with the assistance of our professional staff, as well as volunteer and discounted-rate therapists and social workers, the Emotional Crisis Center became a beacon of hope for trauma victims and displaced families.

Within a short time, we published a book, “Navigating Uncertain Times with Children.” The book is a practical and comprehensive guide to supporting parents’ and children’s emotional well-being during challenging situations. Hundreds of copies were distributed for free, and it was also available for free download as an ebook. It became a vital tool in equipping families with resilience strategies. Click here to download your copy.

Furthermore, we organized a webinar featuring the Gadol Harav Zev Leff shlit’’a titled “Response To The Crisis In Israel.” This webinar, the first in a series, aimed to empower parents with insights and practical advice for navigating the challenges brought about by the crisis. Over 10,000 people viewed Harav Leff’s shiur. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to watch.

At the heart of the Crisis Center’s mission was providing emotional first aid and a safe haven for processing trauma. Through compassionate care, support, and guidance, we instilled resilience and stability for hundreds of people who were affected by the conflict.

The impact of war transcends the battlefield, leaving an indelible mark on civilian life. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, anxiety gripped both children and adults alike. However, through the unwavering support of the EPIC Family Crisis Center, individuals found solace, strength, and renewed hope.

In times of turmoil, EPIC Family remains steadfast in its commitment to providing support and stability to those in need, serving as a beacon of light even during the darkest of times.