Malki’s mother had recently remarried. Malki now has five step-siblings. Before the marriage, Malki already had a hard time finding her voice in the family. With this new dynamic, she now feels invisible. She relates to her mentor that she has no place in her own home both physically and emotionally.

EPIC Families stepped in and set Malki up with a mentor. Gradually their relationship has deepened and Malki now shares her struggles with her mentor who is there to listen and guide her.

This was just what Malki needed. The two of them started meeting regularly. Malki finally had someone to unburden her load to. With the guidance of her case manager, the mentor was able to listen in a way that enabled Malki to open up, feel heard, and valued. The “invisible” Malki started to see herself and her place in her new family makeup in a different light.

In addition, EPIC families provided parental guidance for Malki’s mother who herself is trying to navigate her way through this challenging circumstance.
According to Malki’s school, she has managed throughout this incredibly difficult time due to her mentor’s support and the security she feels in having a place that is hers. Her mother also noticed the change in her daughter and was incredibly grateful.