Introducing EPIC USA

LA-Panel-for-Pesach-newsletter-5783By EPIC Directors Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen & Rabbi Shlomo Pinkus

With the support of local rabbanim and menahelim, EPIC Family has expanded to the United States. Our mission is to provide chizuk to the communities that we visit, by offering added support and guidance in all aspects of parenting.

EPIC Family Week of Empowerment and Inspiration

New York

This past November, the Five Towns communities hosted EPIC Family for an extended weekend of chinuch and inspiration. We held Shabbatonim in Far Rockaway, Lawrence/Inwood, and Cedarhurst, each with an oneg Shabbos, Shabbos derashos, shiurim, and melaveh malkahs, inspiring hundreds! We had the zechus to bring in well-known rabbanim and world-renowned speakers, including HaRav Zev Leff, Rabbi Dovid Kaplan, Rabbi Yaacov Goodman, Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum, and Dr. David Lieberman.

On Sunday morning, EPIC Family hosted a Chinuch Seminar and Panel at Congregation Kneseth Israel (the White Shul), featuring the visiting rabbanim, with fiery words of introduction by the shul’s rabbi, Rabbi Eytan Feiner.

The program was an incredible opportunity for the communities and a tremendous chizuk for participants!

Los Angeles

This past February, the LA community was thrilled to celebrate its fifth year with EPIC Family. We spent two EPIC weeks in the greater Los Angeles area, including Hancock Park, Pico-Robertson, the Valley, and Tarzana.

Events were held for every age, from elementary school students to grandparents. We ran three Shabbatonim involving thirteen shuls; shiurim and lectures for boys and girls at ten yeshivos and schools; a motza’ei Shabbos Chinuch Think Tank panel; and several evening events in different homes throughout the community. Our speakers and events left hundreds of parents empowered, and thousands of children inspired!

EPIC Family provides additional resources for schools, teachers, and rebbis, including in-house training and personal sessions. Many families enjoyed private one-on-one sessions with leading rabbanim, receiving personal advice specific to their unique situations.


EPIC Family is excited to be bringing EPIC Chinuch Week to Chicago once again, this May.

Shabbatonim are being planned across the West Rogers Park/Lincolnwood and Peterson Park communities. There will be a major weekday community-wide event with world-renowned rabbanim and educators.

Stay tuned for more information.

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